Message for Julia

Message for Julia who contacted me after purchasing this artwork…Julia you didn’t leave a contact email, please do leave a comment or message me on Instagram or Facebook (links). thanks

Pavilion series

Learned something about myself today 😀 well how I keep coming back to painting stripes…it reminds me of being a child growing up in the north east. My dad was the groundsman of a sports ground owned by Scottish & Newcastle Brewery (this is where we lived) they had their own football team called blue star. Once a year there was a sports day where a big marquee tent was erected and there was lots of stalls and races etc. This was the hi-light of my year! I can remember being so excited getting off the bus from school and seeing the marquee being put up!! So much so I could hardly eat my tea😂 I used to love running 100 meter race ( loved running at that age) used to practice lots on my own when my dad had finished marking off the lanes with the whitening…anyway getting back to the stripes, there was deck chairs and awnings oh and sticks of rock that had stripes or patterns. I remember sitting in a deck chair swinging my legs drinking old fashioned dandelion and burdock with a bag of crisps! So when you see my stripe painting this is what I’m rekindling, some deep memory of joy and being carefree 💕…………….

This series will have a variety of media, drawings, paintings on different supports.


The Jack

Site under construction

Recently my all singing and dancing website went down, not great! So here I am reconstructing from the ashes like a Phoenix, however this time I’m dropping the big flashy website for a scaled down , bare bones affair. I expect it will take me a few more days to upload images and a tweak here and there.