• About Carol McDermott

A brief introduction to Carol and Her Work

Carol McDermott is a Fine Artist who has been creating artwork for more than 3 decades now and has been featured in almost 50 Art shows and Galleries across the UK, namely The Barbican, London. Mall Galleries, London. and the Christopher Hull Gallery, London. Carol has artwork collectors purhcase her paintings from many different Countries across the Continents, in particular from the United States.

Carol’s story did not start this way however, once a young girl in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England Carol found herself often doodling and drawing, especially in school as she was not fond of the strict limitations placed upon her, so as we all do at times she used her imagination in a very particular way to escape this reality and as time passed she grew ever deepening in her ability.

As the years came and went Carol continued in her creative nature and always found herself drawing, never planning a career or even feeling the need to show off her work, until one day a young man who would one day become the father of three of her children coincedentally and by chance caught a glimpse of some drawings hidden behind the sofa in the house Carol was living in.

Perhaps this chance encounter had created the decision in Carol’s mind to fully commit to her passion or perhaps she always knew, what was certain was that Carol would continue on this lifelong obsession to pour out all she could to her craft at every oppurtunity she could.

Soon after Carol began to delve evermore deeply into her gifts she seeked to learn more about her craft and moved down to London, this is where Carol was honoured to recieve a sponsorship at the City & Guilds Art School of London courtesy of Simon Birch of Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneers who saw something in Carol. A dream was manifesting before her.

In 1990/91 Carol was awarded the Philip Connard Travel Award, the New Grafton Travel Award, alongside achieving her Diploma in Fine Art Painting. Alongside these accomplishments Carol also had Artworks in the likes of the South London Art Gallery and the Westminster Art Gallery.

During this time Carol was also recognised by the late Chris Hull and he subsequently asked Carol to be a gallery Artist in the Christopher Hull Gallery in Knightsbridge. One year later in 1992 Carol’s work also appeared in the afforementioned Barbican Gallery, London.

Carol’s artwork found eyes right from the very start, but this is not the reason she continues to create, she finds her life’s purpose in this work and this is why she is more dedicated and passionate than ever before to carry on her life’s work. In the years since, Carol has created a large collection of over 500 artworks, some of which have been featured in Galleries and exhibtions across England and Scotland.

Carol has managed this great dedication despite the challenge of raising 4 children as the single mother of the household. As I’m sure you will summise from the great many, varying artworks each of them tells a unique story, a message, bred from the chaotic nature of life and simultaneously the blissful nature of existence.