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The Artwork shown here is not the full amount of the various, Oil, Watercolour and Acrylic Artwork that Carol has produced.

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A brief introduction to Carol’s Artwork

As an adolescent, living in Newcastle Upon Tyne Carol began to create art in the form of drawings and paintings, to silence the creative urge that often gnaws slowly and carefully at artists unless otherwise given attention and energy.

However Carol was shy and kept her art hidden away as she had no intention of doing anything more than enjoy the release it gave her, after a few years, chance had it that a man she met at the time noticed some beautiful drawings behind the couch in her parents house where she lived and enquired about them.

Once her work had been seen and there was encouragement for her to continue she felt that there was no other path than to continue to develop her passion and explore this path further.

Years later as Carol began to develop her gifts she seeked to learn more about the craft and while living in London, Carol was honoured to recieve a sponsorship at the City & Guilds Art School of London courtesy of Simon Birch of Christie’s Fine Art Auctioneers who saw the potential in Carol. A dream had come true for the young artist, although this was only the start in Carol’s work.

In 1990/91 Carol was awarded the Philip Connard Travel Award, the New Grafton Travel Award, alongside achieving her Diploma in Fine Art Painting. More impressively, Carol also had Artworks in the likes of the South London Art Gallery and the Westminster Art Gallery.

Carol was also recognised by the late Chris Hull and he subsequently asked Carol to be a gallery Artist in the Christopher Hull Gallery in Knightsbridge. A year later in 1992 Carol’s work also appeared in the Barbican, London.

In the years since, Carol has created from her talents a large collection of artworks (500+), of which have been featured in Galleries and exhibtions across England and Scotland.

painting by carol mcdermott

Carol has managed these accomplishments despite the challenge of raising 4 children as the single mother of the household.

To this day Carol is more passionate than ever in the creation of her work and sells her Art worldwide to those who appreciate and desire her paintings.

As you will summise from the great many, varying artworks. Each of Carol’s Artworks tells a story, bred from the depridations of life and simultaneously the blissful nature of existence, to this day the only thing guaranteed in Carol’s work is that the expression is always changing and morphing for each and every piece produced.