Fumar-art happening

Just returned from a workshop with Fumar, Phil Furneaux and Krys Markowski (musicians) at cakes and ale cafe Carlisle. While Fumar played I painted, inspired by the duo I worked on three canvases simultaneously. A unique event which I was privileged to part of, I found the music very moving and touched me deeply. Here are some photos of the event.










April 8th beautiful sunny day

It’s been a wonderful day here in Cumbria. Blue sky, birds singing, even had my studio door open all day, which is a real treat as I can hear the gulls, sky larks and haunting cries of curlews….so wonderful.  Its definitely influenced my work today, it’s been more intuitive. Here are two images of work in progress or maybe they are finished, I’m not sure till I see them with fresh eyes tomorrow.

Carol mcdermott



Carol mcdermott

Orange Wall and The Dreams of Trees Unfold

New work framed






Thinking about the mysteries of the Cosmos

Really enjoying the intamacy of these small works…..freshly framed.

Carol mcdermott







Revelation – Glow

carol mcdermott contemporary painter

Oil on canvas, vibrant and sunny, for sale on Saatchiart here



carol mcdermott art

Ive been working on some small works recently, “small and intimate’ exploring mood, materials and spirituality. This particular is on bamboo paper and is for sale on saatchi art here

August 2016

I’ve been spending some time working in gouache on paper, both figurative landscapes and also abstract. Had to break off and spend an afternoon painting with oils …..the smell is so seductive! So here it is just finished….


Carol McDermott








Earth Poet

Different media today; Acrylic, charcoal and sand on canvas. Muted colours to enhance the mood in this piece.


Earth Poet 32x44inches





New oil paintings

New work almost finished. I love oil paint! so tactile, seductive, colour clarity is second to none and the smell is rather wonderful, the only down side is the drying time….but it’s worth the wait.


Oil I








Soft Walking Journey

Working this bank holiday weekend, experimenting with journeys in mind; walking across life and all the obstacles and varied paths we take. This is my most recent painting.



Soft walking journey

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