It’s nearly December….

Where has the year gone? I’m trying to get work finished in readiness for Christmas, except the more I rush the longer it takes….so today I’m trying to be mindful. I’m enjoying my plants , below is a photo of one of my favourites.




The first work in progress is mixed media, predominantly collage using xuan paper. I love working this way, layering is exciting….glimpses of things underneath.









Works in progress



Works in progress, mixed media on canvas, loving the figuration on the textured surface. I’ve so many ideas which are springing from these paintings. Happy days.

Now gone to California

Carol McDermott


This is has just gone to California, sad to see this one go but glad it will bring some joy!

North Pennine cottage


A windswept day in the North Pennines, a meeting day with the musicians ‘Fumar’ at the lovely remote cottage, that sits nicely amongst the post industrial landscape, now beautifully reclaimed by nature.

There was no expectation of the day, only to start with a blank canvas for me and blank music sheet for Fumar.



The inside of the cottage was a real treat, nice and quirky…. just how I like it.



This was a magical day, it was a unique experience, bringing focus, clarity and direction to my work. Having live music composed and created at the same time was very inspiring. It seemed to pare everything back to a calm, state of being and where I could paint almost in a state of meditation, enabling me to see and feel things I’ve never experienced before.



I used gouache on paper, making ‘mood swatches’.















New work

just finished this small work, part of my enclosure series.